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James Sullivan

Aspiring Robotics PhD Student

About Me

I'm an aspiring PhD student in Robotics with a passion for exploring the fascinating world of autonomous machines. Currently, I am an Honors Thesis Computer Engineering student at Rutgers University, and I am on track to graduate Summa Cum Laude. Throughout my academic journey, I have embraced various opportunities, including research opportunities and internships.

The realm of robotics has always captivated my imagination, and as the future of artificial intelligence unfolds, I believe that robots hold immense potential in shaping the world we live in. My journey into robotics has been driven by the desire to contribute to advancements in this dynamic field, where the landscape constantly evolves with cutting-edge technologies being developed almost every day.

I am particularly drawn to pursuing a PhD because I relish the challenges and excitement of working in a research-oriented environment. I thrive in situations where the day-to-day may bring new discoveries and possibilities. A PhD program would provide me with the perfect platform to delve deeper into robotics, conduct innovative research, and bring about positive changes through my contributions to the field.


Email: sullivanjames231@gmail.com

Phone: (848) 468-6212